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I offer different services related to nutrition and health to help you find your right balance and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Scroll below and find the most suitable offer for you. Consultations are done online, in the comfort of your home.

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Nutrition & Micronutrition Coaching

Individual coaching

› You have a specific condition that requires a specific diet?

› You are willing to change your dietary pattern to live a healthier life?

› You are simply curious about nutrition or are looking to change or strengthen your habits?

Your objective becomes my job and I am ready to join you in your journey, but remember, YOU are the main actor of the changes in your life!

I offer 30 minutes of free pre-consultation to discuss your objectives, dietary habits and health status. It can be done per telephone or videoconference.

Contact me for more information.

Individual coaching

Ready for the journey ?

1-2 participants
living together

1 hour


CHF 95.-

free 30 min pre-consultation

Family coaching

You would like to implement some dietary changes but you do not know where to start or you children do not want to listen to you ?

Meet me online with your family to discuss together for 1h30 what your daily habits are, your objectives and how to implement meaningful changes. Depending on needs identified we can then design the best action plan.

Contact me for more information.

FAMILY Coaching

Family time

≥3 participants
living together

1 hour 30 min


CHF 160.-

free 30 min pre-consultation

Food diary

With the flood of information we’re daily exposed to, it’s not always easy to know what’s right or wrong. I offer to give you some feedback on your diet.

For 2 weeks, take photos of everything you eat and drink. Based on your photos, I’ll give you written feedback on the content of your diet and give you a few recommendations. Contact me for more information.


Meal plan

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Getting ready for a sporting event? Want to change your diet?

I can’t be hired as a cook, but I can prepare a written list of meals (3 per day) according to your preferences and food sensitivities.

Contact me for more information.


Food diary

Have your diet assessed

1 participant

2 weeks

In front of your plate

CHF 40.-

Meal plan

Get a meal plan

1-2 participants or a family

1-4 weeks

In your kitchen

CHF 25.-/week

Nutrition & Food Workshop and Conferences

In a more educative and entertaining format, the workshops and conferences are meant to learn and understand the principles of human nutrition and to raise awareness about food-related health issues.

Not a personalized approach, this offer targets groups, children and/or adults.


I am what I eat

Learn what your food is made of and which path it follows through the body. Understand the risk of a poor nutrition and discover how to eat better while having some fun.  Games, quizzes and cooking are part of the program.

  • 5-12 participants (≥8 years old) or a class with teacher (max 20)
  • 2h
  • CHF 200.- (+ travel package as agreed)


Friends or foes ?

Conference for a company, an association, a school or any group of teenagers or adults with an interest in unraveling the mysteries of carbohydrates and understanding their impact on the human body.

  • Group of adults and/or teenagers
  • 1h of presentation and Q&A
  • CHF 100.- (+ travel package as agreed)


Hormones and nutrition

Hormonal metabolism is essential to general health and in the life of a woman the body undergoes several hormonal changes of varying intesity. Discover with this conference how food and micronutrition can influence the hormonal balance.


  • Group of adults and/or teenagers
  • 1h of presentation and Q&A
  • CHF 100.- (+ travel package as agreed)

Next workshop or conference

What is the next workshop or conference you would like to participate to ? Contact me to discuss the possibility of a personnalized workshop or conference.

You did not find what you were looking for, you have a question or you would like a personalized offer ?