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Where to find me ?

› Everywhere thanks to online consultations

› At your place, upon agreement

What do I do?

I am passionate about food and I am amazed by the impact it has on the body. I want to help people understanding the mysteries of nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle and, most of all, enjoying the diversity of food available.

What has been my journey ?

I started my scientific education in medical research, with the strong conviction that I would contribute to health and wellbeing of the society. Being busy to learn how to save the world, I deep-dived into the world of nutrition and metabolism. 

After some years in the food industry, working on food and nutrition at a large scale, I decided that it was time to also deliver personalized food and health guidance. And here I am today, ready to accompany you in your journey in search of your wellbeing.

What are my specialties?

Sugars, fibers and carbohydrates in general have no more secrets for me. While diabetes and metabolic disorders are globally spreading, I believe in preventing their onset through proper nutrition, which is within the reach of everyone. 

Additionally, I am trained to help optimizing women’s health and couple fertility. Nutrition is a powerful tool to help reestablishing hormonal balance to ensure proper functioning of the body of menstruated or non-menstruated people, conceiving couples, pregnant or lactating women.


Nutrition (MCO). TCMA school, Geneva

Master of Science in Medical Biology. University of Lausanne

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. University of Fribourg

Continuing education

Food and micronutrition : fertility, pre-conception and pregnancy. M2M formation 

Micronutrition certificate. Société Suisse de Micronutrition.